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The main of goal of poker, like most games, is to win. Regardless of whether you are
playing for money or you are simply playing for fun, the game of poker will allow you to
test your skills as well as your strategic abilities.
In the game of poker, players each hold one or more cards. The face value of the cards
is concealed and wagers are placed into a central pot. The player or players with the
best combination of cards or the player who makes an uncalled bet is awarded the pot.
There are many different types of poker games; however, they all follow a basic format.
All players contribute toward what is known as a central ‘pot.’ The pot contains all of the
chips which represent the actual money being played in the game.
Each player in the game is dealt cards. This is known as a hand. Depending on the
variety of poker being played, some or all of the cards may be concealed.
Wagers are then made based on the strength of the cards in a series of betting rounds.
After the betting rounds are concluded the player holding the strongest hand will win;
that is unless, there is a last player left standing after all other players have folded-in that
case, the last player wins regardless of the strength of his hand.
A poker hand is comprised of five cards. Poker hands can fall into one of numerous
different categories including flush, two pair, straight, etc. The ranking of the hands is
particularly important as this can often determine the winner of the game.

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